Wrinkles Around the Mouth?

Sure, we all wish we had youthful skin. But for those of us who can visibly see lines around the lips and wrinkles around the mouth when we look in the mirror, Advanced Dermatology has a solution.  Of course, the ability to get rid of lines around the lips is the only factor in having flawless, youthful skin. Advanced Dermatology’s skin care line targets multiple signs of visible aging including wrinkles, loss of firmness and uneven skin tone.

Here are a few reasons your suffering from lip lines.

First, let’s chronicle some of the demise to lip wrinkles. It’s no secret that smoking cause lip wrinkles. But how bad is smoking for lines? Smokers are more likely to suffer from lines around the lips. Not to mention these wrinkles were far more stubborn and difficult to treat. Even worse, quitting smoking doesn’t naturally resolve this problem.

Second, uv radiation, prolonged sun exposure, sunbathing, whatever you want to call it, spending too much time in the sun is the number one precursor to premature aging. Therefore, we recommend you continuesly wear sun protection every time you have exposure to the sun. This not only includes when you go for a swim but when you’re going for a drive, hanging clothes, shopping, etc.

Finally, loss of essential proteins causes loss of volume in the skin. Various studies show that gravity is detrimental to lines around the mouth. We recommend a diet high in sticky vegetables to stimulate hyaluronic acid and prevent loss of volume.